Peggy worked in the building across the street from where Alan and I were going to tour one of the trading floors.
Peggy worked on 25. It was way up there. See the lovely sky? The clouds and wind had just started to arrive in the morning.
The outside building sign looked so very big city official.


Everywhere things were at such a large bigger scale. Peggy explained there were 10,000 people in the building. The tour involved lots of busy people at desks keeping track of everything using expensive flat screens.

Basically, the cost of everything in Moose Tracks ice cream, (for example) was involved.  Everything that concerned the making of that lovely treat was being tracked, at various levels, by someone in the area we toured. They even knew if the freezers were working keeping it cold. (Technically--the allocation of scares resources among alternative wants and needs pricing.)    


        Full Trip Report with photos  

     Employees  ONLY!       
      Sure enough--
only problem was we didn't notice it until we returned back down the stairs.


 Go up the escalator... that is what I had in my notes........ We went up--but-- the wrong one-!!! We got to the correct side with helpful directions by security at the top of the stairs.

 Alan took a photo soon after Peggy appeared in the visiting area so we could remember the moment.


The scores for the N.Y. marathon would be posted here the next day! Peggy shared that the company would post the final scores at the location. Then it was time for Peggy to return to her work.



Alan & Peggy taking a look at the "Taxi" statue of a trader hailing a cab.  Alan, Closet Economics Geek, enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

The tour also included a visit to the cafeteria that held an amazing number of service providers serving everything anyone could want--       FRESH!


We were to call Peggy, to check on the weather, for the plane ride. At 2:30 p.m. Peggy shared that the "current" weather was not good for flying.   Peggy and Don invited us to dinner. Alan and I chose to make the evening a slow one. The current bad weather and my physical problems guided the decision.

A little bottom line information....

WOW is a group of women interested in the internet and computers. WOW is a very diverse group of women sharing and supporting each other on many levels. Peggy & I  are a couple of those women. When the trip to NY was shared in the private WOW email list..... Plans were made to meet Peggy and tour her workplace.  In addition an invitation was extend, weather permitting, to fly with Peggy and Don (her husband) in their private plane. (Please surf on over to Peggy's page under the link to read about her planning for the visit.)