Ed Sullivan Theater

Late Show with David Letterman


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The Ed Sullivan Theater
"Late Show with David Letterman"
1697 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Location: Broadway & 53rd St.

  The Ed Sullivan Theater

Architectural renovation to the theater in 1993 was supervised by a New York City Partnership founded in 1963...
"Polshek Partnership is a 150-person firm known for architectural excellence and for its longstanding commitment to  cultural, educational, governmental and scientific institutions."
"This technically-advanced television broadcast studio was inserted within the volume of a 1,200-seat historic theater.
Electronic requirements dictated the studio's configuration: the number of seats was reduced to 400, and sound
absorptive areas were added."




"BCA was the conservation consultant to the architect for interior restoration of decorative plaster, stained glass,
marble wainscoting, and decorative metals. Because of the interior landmark status of the theater, BCA documented all existing conditions and architectural features before work began, including on-site identification of finishes and
paint colors."


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